Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Fashion- Love Jewellery? Love Sunshine!

Hello readers,
Today I'm going the be telling you about Amy who runs A Little Ray of Sunshine. Although this site is a blog, she also has a Facebook page where you can get in touch to buy her jewellery. She is from Britain so I'm not sure if she ships internationally. I'm not going to pretend I know all about her site & what-not as I've only purchased one thing (see the image below) but I love love love her creations! If I had endless amounts of income I would purchase it all! Most items are under£5 (which is a bargain!) and she runs a stall which I think she runs around her local area from time to time :-) When I first got in touch with her about purchasing this necklace (which was about 3 months ago) she was very sweet and her communication throughout the sale was superb, she treated me like a friend! Of all the buyers I have ever bought from such as Dolly Bow Bow, Dainty Roses (although I do love this site) she is by far the best with communication. I would recommend her if you're into this kind of jewellery any day :-) Here is a picture of the necklace I bought from her for £3.50:

Here are some other images of her beautiful creations:

Thank you for reading! Have a great day,

Monday, 21 May 2012

OOTD (Fashion)- Primark Dress Up/Down

Top- £10 (reduced to £5- also available in yellow & white)
Jeans- £9 (many colours available throughout the year)
Platform Heels Faux Suede- £12 (reduced to £10- also available in tan)
Bag- £7 (available in tan & khaki from flagship stores only)

I got this top today in the sale and I knew I had to do an OOTD on it! Although my blogging days are traditionally Sunday, Wednesday and Friday and today is Monday I really had to! I love this top to bits and if you can't tell it is pleated and sheer. I put the title as 'dress up/down' as I feel this outfit is suitable for going out with the girls to town or for a evening out with the family due to the mix of black heels & casual jeans. Wear it on either occasion! If you can make out my Hamsa Hand necklace, it is from eBay (sorry I don't own any Primark jewellery!). If you haven't guessed already, everything is from Primark. Have a great day,

Sunday, 20 May 2012

OOTD (Fashion)- Missguided, S/S 12


Top- £18.99
Shorts- £25.99

How I Style

Bag- Primark, £7
Make up, Foundation- Leichner (blend of porcelein)- £3.99
Lipstick- Clinique (blushing nude), £???
Eyeshadow- E.L.F 6 in 1 palette, £10
Mascara- False Lash Effect, Maxfactor
Ring- Dainty Roses, £10 goody bag
Necklace- New Look, £4.99
Bracelets- River Island, £???

Have a great day,

Me- Sorry for the Break!

I'm ever so sorry for the break guys but I've just been swamped with homework and coursework for my AS Levels & (1) GCSE. As many of you now I'm in year 11 and I finished all my GCSEs in year 10 due to an advanced curriculum, so this year I have taken up 3 AS Levels (EPQ, ICT and Photography) and Media GCSE and a Textiles non-exam course. Since this is such a leap from GCSEs I have been overwhelmed recently with getting coursework in for Photography and EPQ and revising for my ICT exam which is in less than a week, aaaah! I promise I will continue blogging after my exams and I may do another quick post now. Once again I am sorry I have not blogged for a while :-(