Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Beauty- Best Bath & Body Brands of 2012

Number 5
L'Occitane (En Provence)
L'Occitane is a fabulous brand, perfect for gifts for Mums & Nans but is extremely expensive for what it is. The scents are very natural and focus around traditional fragrances such as rose, cherry and plum blossom and lavender. They sell a range of bath & body products, fragrances, candles and hair products for both men and women. Here are some of my personal favourites:

Shea Hand Cream

Number 4
Soap & Glory
Soap & Glory is a highstreet brand I'm sure you've all heard of as it is sold in stores such as Boots and Harvey Nichols. It is incredibly cheap and at the moment they are selling a lot of gift sets at reduced prices (it being past Christmas and all). If the full size products are still out of your price range, Boots sell the travel-size range which are fab for trying out new products you are unsure of. And if you really want a cheaper alternative try Dirty Works (sold in large supermarkets i.e. Sainsbury's) Here are a few of my favourites:

 Scrub Your Nose In It (face mask)

Sugar Crush (body scrub)

Number 3
Lush Cosmetics
Most people would question why I have put Lush so low considering most beauty bloggers rate them quite highly and would even go as far to say it's their favourite brand. However, there is no Lush near me and I have only been in one twice (about 3 years ago was the most recent visit). I would order online but I'd hate to order something then hate the smell! I plan to go shopping in Maidstone soon as I heard there is a Lush there, I will keep you posted! As for now, I can't put any 'personal favourites' on as I can't recall which products I had bought :-(

Joint Number 1 & 2
The Body Shop
I found it so hard to choose between these two as they are both my favourite brands in beauty. Rituals has the more sleek and elegant edge to bathing but the Body Shop is more affordable and has lot more relatable scents (strawberry, coconut, chocolate etc) compared to Rituals (Honey Touch, Mei Dao etc). At the moment here are my favourite Rituals products (these are also best-sellers and smell DIVINE! I would recommend these to anyone):

Here are my personal favourites for the Body Shop:

Lychee Blossom shower gel (not sold in the B.S. anymore)

Vanilla Bliss Collection:

Thank you for reading, everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas,
Lots of love,

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Fashion- Wednesday Wishlist

Chelsea boots- Missguided Navy dress- River Island Cut out red top- Missguided Fur collar- EBay Velvet shorts- Topshop Grey fur bag- River Island Lace up boots- Missguided

Me- I'm back!

I'm so sorry for the looooong break guys but I've been swamped with work and 6th form at the moment! I thought I'd have time to blog during the week when I went back to school but obviously not, 5 A-Levels & a 14 hour-a-week job is so time consuming :-( but the good news is that I'm back and will strive to blog at least once a week so thank you for waiting, please comment with any posts you would like to see :-)
Lots of love,

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Fashion- Swimwear Trends 2012

Retro designs have been in fashion for about 2/3 seasons now and it doesn't look like the trend will be disappearing anytime soon, so this Dorothy Perkins bikini (top & bottom) won't be a one-year wear and at £14 all together for the look, who can complain?! 

This Topshop bikini combines the best of the retro trend, like the previous bikini, and the scarf-print which has been all over the catwalk and highstreet during S/S12. This beautiful buy is also underwired to provide extra support so the pricey £30 might be worth it for those who require the support.

Next is an unusual design, from the one and only Marks & Spencers. Although this swimsuit is £35 I think it would be worth it as M&S is notorious for long-lasting and great quality clothing. The tropical trend is everywhere at the moment and with M&S becoming more and more fashionable recently, don't be afraid to have a look at their clothing range.

The final swimsuit combines 3 trends in one suit: bold print, fringes and cut-out. Cut-out is a huge swimwear trend and is all-over the magazines for S/S12. This swimsuit is available from River Island and at only £27 for this gorgeous piece, I'd buy it! It would suit any haircolour and skintone. I'd match with a plain cover-up, jewellery, wedges and a pair of cat-eye shades for a great look for by the pool.

Thank you for reading! Have a great day,

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Beauty- Most Wanted Products, July 2012

Barry M Pastel Nail Varnish Collection

I love the pastel trend at the moment (as you could probably tell from the last 2 posts hehe!) and Barry M have really worked this trend from their new pastel collection which was released in April 2012. I currently have the peach (peach melba) and yellow (lemon ice) from this collection and hope to collect the other 3 before the stop the line, which won't be for a while yet. I rarely buy nail varnish these days as I have over 80 of them at the moment and I'd rather spend money on clothes and going out than small items such as jewellery and nail varnish. These polish's are £2.99 and are available at Boots and Superdrug.

Eyes Lips Face Cream Eyeliner
This eyeliner has been on my wishlist for a while but I haven't got around to ordering it yet as there's nothing else on the ELF website that I'd like at the moment and it's a bit pointless ordering one item when the postage & packaging isn't exactly free! This eyeliner is only £3.75 and I'm sure I'll be ordering & reviewing this product soon :-)

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Styling Treatment Oil
I got a small, 25ml tester of this oil in a GlossyBox (February, I think) and the directions say to put on wet hair before drying to make hair easier to style (to stop fly-aways) and softer. You can also put on the ends of hair for a finishing touch. I love the smell of the product as I adore the smell of ginger and it makes my hair so soft and often get compliments of how soft it has made my hair when I do apply it. The full-size 100ml bottle is £25.00 so is rather expensive and the tester I got retails at £7.50 on its own. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone with long, untame-able hair like mine :-)

Thanks for reading, have a great day!

Fashion- Spring/Summer 2012 Wishlist

Missguided Pellar Lace Waistband Skater Dress- This gorgeous dress has been top of my most wanted list ever since I saw it in the  'new in' section on the Missguided website and at £25.99, on payday it will be mine! I would pair this lovely day dress with a pair of grey pumps, a brown satchel and some pastel jewellery.

River Island Mid Wash Denim Super Short Hotpants- These shorts are perfect for any trip out to town with the girls or a lazy day at the beach. They can be left how they are or I would add some studs from Ebay (pyramid or cone studs would look best) and rip them, to add that 'grunge' feel. Anything can be worn with a simple pair of denim shorts and can be dressed up or down.

Topshop Sleeveless Check Shirt- I know it's simple, but when I saw this shirt in my local Topshop it really caught my eye. The material is a thick, soft cotton that would be perfect for winter with a jumper/thick cardigan or summer with a pair of shorts (like the River Island ones above). If you don't want to pay £26 for it though, Missguided do a dupe for £22.99 (only a few £'s cheaper but the every penny counts (-;). 

Missguided Tarissa T Bar Platform Shoes- Although I'm not a fan of T Bar shoes, these really caught my eye on the website because of their simple design. I love nudes/neutral colours and these could be dressed down with a simple dress (like the lilac lace dress at the top) for a daytime look or dressed up with a dip hem, bright skirt and a sheer shirt for an evening look.

Hope you liked this post, have a great day!

Friday, 27 July 2012

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Fashion- Love Jewellery? Love Sunshine!

Hello readers,
Today I'm going the be telling you about Amy who runs A Little Ray of Sunshine. Although this site is a blog, she also has a Facebook page where you can get in touch to buy her jewellery. She is from Britain so I'm not sure if she ships internationally. I'm not going to pretend I know all about her site & what-not as I've only purchased one thing (see the image below) but I love love love her creations! If I had endless amounts of income I would purchase it all! Most items are under£5 (which is a bargain!) and she runs a stall which I think she runs around her local area from time to time :-) When I first got in touch with her about purchasing this necklace (which was about 3 months ago) she was very sweet and her communication throughout the sale was superb, she treated me like a friend! Of all the buyers I have ever bought from such as Dolly Bow Bow, Dainty Roses (although I do love this site) she is by far the best with communication. I would recommend her if you're into this kind of jewellery any day :-) Here is a picture of the necklace I bought from her for £3.50:

Here are some other images of her beautiful creations:

Thank you for reading! Have a great day,

Monday, 21 May 2012

OOTD (Fashion)- Primark Dress Up/Down

Top- £10 (reduced to £5- also available in yellow & white)
Jeans- £9 (many colours available throughout the year)
Platform Heels Faux Suede- £12 (reduced to £10- also available in tan)
Bag- £7 (available in tan & khaki from flagship stores only)

I got this top today in the sale and I knew I had to do an OOTD on it! Although my blogging days are traditionally Sunday, Wednesday and Friday and today is Monday I really had to! I love this top to bits and if you can't tell it is pleated and sheer. I put the title as 'dress up/down' as I feel this outfit is suitable for going out with the girls to town or for a evening out with the family due to the mix of black heels & casual jeans. Wear it on either occasion! If you can make out my Hamsa Hand necklace, it is from eBay (sorry I don't own any Primark jewellery!). If you haven't guessed already, everything is from Primark. Have a great day,

Sunday, 20 May 2012

OOTD (Fashion)- Missguided, S/S 12


Top- £18.99
Shorts- £25.99

How I Style

Bag- Primark, £7
Make up, Foundation- Leichner (blend of porcelein)- £3.99
Lipstick- Clinique (blushing nude), £???
Eyeshadow- E.L.F 6 in 1 palette, £10
Mascara- False Lash Effect, Maxfactor
Ring- Dainty Roses, £10 goody bag
Necklace- New Look, £4.99
Bracelets- River Island, £???

Have a great day,

Me- Sorry for the Break!

I'm ever so sorry for the break guys but I've just been swamped with homework and coursework for my AS Levels & (1) GCSE. As many of you now I'm in year 11 and I finished all my GCSEs in year 10 due to an advanced curriculum, so this year I have taken up 3 AS Levels (EPQ, ICT and Photography) and Media GCSE and a Textiles non-exam course. Since this is such a leap from GCSEs I have been overwhelmed recently with getting coursework in for Photography and EPQ and revising for my ICT exam which is in less than a week, aaaah! I promise I will continue blogging after my exams and I may do another quick post now. Once again I am sorry I have not blogged for a while :-(


Saturday, 28 April 2012

Fashion- Missguided's New Peace & Love Range

So Missguided have just released their own 70-piece range titled, 'Peace and Love' and in this (rather late) post I will be chattin' about my favourite & not-so-favourite pieces! All of which is matter of opinion, so don't shoot me down if you love an item I hate!

Aztec Shorts

These shorts have been in my dreams ever since I saw them on the site last week & I must say i've fallen head over heels in love for them. I don't know how they did this design so unfortunately this won't be on my list for experimentation but for £25.99 I guess they won't be on my shopping list either as I refuse to pay over £20 for some shorts! I'm poor :-(

Studded Jeans

I don't normally go for black jeans but these certainly caught my eye, LOVE LOVE LOVE! I love studded clothes at the moment and a couple weeks back I took to some shorts by studding & dying them (will do a tutorial soon when I have £££). I will certainly have a go at making some of these on Primark jeans, but I'm afraid the studs will cut my knees as I walk so they must have sewn some material under the studs after. But at £44.99 I'd rather spend my money elsewhere....

Look at these beauties! Heels are a definite passion of mine but being (1/4 inch off) 5'8" I look rather silly wearing them around town, so I wear flats as often as possible. I love these studded shoes & I would KILL for them but (yet again) will not be buying them due to a horrendous price tag of £54.99.


Scarf print is a personal hatred of mine and sewn onto a denim shirt is one sure fire way to irritate me! The colour of the denim does not compliment the pattern on the sleeves and I just dislike this shirt all together. Missguided have released this shirt in several patterns, all of which are disgusting and I would not pay £24.99 for.

Leopard Print Denim Shirt

I adore denim shirts and to see so many go to waste is terrible. I normally love leopard print and I own a lot of leopard printed items, however the print on this shirt is so dark the contrast between the pale blue and dark print is not very nice. If they did the shirt without the printed patches it would deffo be on my shopping list! But unfortunately, not for £24.99.

Thank you for reading!
Have a great day,