Saturday, 28 April 2012

Fashion- Missguided's New Peace & Love Range

So Missguided have just released their own 70-piece range titled, 'Peace and Love' and in this (rather late) post I will be chattin' about my favourite & not-so-favourite pieces! All of which is matter of opinion, so don't shoot me down if you love an item I hate!

Aztec Shorts

These shorts have been in my dreams ever since I saw them on the site last week & I must say i've fallen head over heels in love for them. I don't know how they did this design so unfortunately this won't be on my list for experimentation but for £25.99 I guess they won't be on my shopping list either as I refuse to pay over £20 for some shorts! I'm poor :-(

Studded Jeans

I don't normally go for black jeans but these certainly caught my eye, LOVE LOVE LOVE! I love studded clothes at the moment and a couple weeks back I took to some shorts by studding & dying them (will do a tutorial soon when I have £££). I will certainly have a go at making some of these on Primark jeans, but I'm afraid the studs will cut my knees as I walk so they must have sewn some material under the studs after. But at £44.99 I'd rather spend my money elsewhere....

Look at these beauties! Heels are a definite passion of mine but being (1/4 inch off) 5'8" I look rather silly wearing them around town, so I wear flats as often as possible. I love these studded shoes & I would KILL for them but (yet again) will not be buying them due to a horrendous price tag of £54.99.


Scarf print is a personal hatred of mine and sewn onto a denim shirt is one sure fire way to irritate me! The colour of the denim does not compliment the pattern on the sleeves and I just dislike this shirt all together. Missguided have released this shirt in several patterns, all of which are disgusting and I would not pay £24.99 for.

Leopard Print Denim Shirt

I adore denim shirts and to see so many go to waste is terrible. I normally love leopard print and I own a lot of leopard printed items, however the print on this shirt is so dark the contrast between the pale blue and dark print is not very nice. If they did the shirt without the printed patches it would deffo be on my shopping list! But unfortunately, not for £24.99.

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Have a great day,

Saturday, 7 April 2012

A Day at the Seaside


So me and my friends decided to get the 2 1/2 hour train to Brighton on Thursday and I must say it was worth the £10 ticket & 5 hours + on a train all day! But it was not what I expected it to be...i.e as expensive as it was! Between all 4 of us we paid £20 for tokens for Brighton Pier and that got us on 2 rides! :-( But I did pay £2 extra just for a go on the mechanical bull- which I must say what VERY hard! I think my record on it was 3 seconds, faaaiiillll! And there was barely anywhere to eat lunch as far as we could see, there was no McDonalds?! What madness?! (Although we probably weren't looking hard enough) In the end we sat down in a sweet little Chinese place and all had a chow mein :-} lush! 

As well as a brilliant day at the pier we also went uptown and had a look through some shops and I managed to get hold of some....hold it....SOME DOC MARTENS! Never worn, charity shop, black suede, low tops....£20.99! Love having size 4 feet at times ;-) Here's a picture of them: (be jel)

Overall, I think it was worth the long trip but god was it expensive! If you're thinking about going I really would recommend going at about 8 & leaving late as we couldn't get a lot done (our day was 12-3 in Brighton). I wouldn't go there again in a rush, though. Maybe I'd leave it a couple months :-)

Have a great day,

Fashion- River Island Wishlist

Recently I have been obsessed with online -window- shopping and River Island has really caught my eye this season. Their spring/summer clothes are definitely worth a peek! Also, their sunglasses are very similar to Topshop's this season (but of course a tad cheaper ;-) ) and the retro-styled glasses have caught my attention (especially the ones in the above image). Not to mention the fab, elephant-patterned skirt! I fell head over heels in love -how cheesey- and is the first thing I am dying to buy! And at £20 it's a steal :-). I've had my eye on the booties since Christmas now and the only reason I haven't bought them out of my birthday money is that no River Island I have been to stocks them! Due to having such thin & small feet (size 4!) I really need to try before I buy and if I can't return them instore, £40 is a lot to waste! As for the beautiful, palm tree shorts I really can't resist! But in my eyes, £25 is a lot for some denim, especially when Primark do great quality shorts for a fiver!

Overall, I'm in love. <3